Validate the authenticity of your current system settings by submitting it in the CPU-Z Database.

It's simple and free: just use the "Validate" button within CPU-Z then click "Submit" for an instant, 100% automatic submission.
You will receive a link to your complete system specs, including the validated status of your computer. The perfect way to share your awesome brand new hardware specs with your friends and, if something goes wrong, an invaluable tool to ask for some help on enthusiasts forums.

CPU-Z Validation is also the world-recognized standard for certified Overclocking. Give you a chance to enter in our Hall of Fame!

From 2018 to 2021



System information software

CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers advanced information on many of the internal components of your system. Give it a try!


Voltages, temperatures and fans speed monitoring

Hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors


Some extreme overclockings (LN2,...) require the bare minimum without Internet access. In that case, you can create a validation dump with CPU-Z, then submit it manually later here. Don't wait for too long ! A CPU-Z Validation File (.CVF) might expire after more than 7 days.


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*Note : Email address is optional. If you submit it, you will receive an email with your ID (nothing more). Without one, it will be impossible to link your validation with your account later.

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